CN Park, located in the heart of downtown Dauphin, was originally established in 1920. This public green space has been leased by the City of Dauphin with a master landscaping plan established in 1985. After the initial park landscaping plan in 1985, the park received minimal maintenance, was left to grow in, and wasn’t been used to its full potential. Over the past three years, Dauphin City Council has been investing resources into the revitalization of downtown area including CN Park. In 2017, CN Park has undergone a complete refresh including removing landscaping barriers, planting new grass, creation of a new event pad, enhanced electrical upgrades, tree and shrub removal, new decorative fence, lighting, statue installation, and new signage. These changes have improved the sight lines within the park and have opened up the entire space to be more inviting, attractive and safe for visitors and residents. Since the park’s grand reopening in July 2017, we have seen a significant increase in the park’s daytime use along with special events. The Park has truly become the meeting space it was always meant to be at the hub of our community and transportation corridor. In 2017, Canadian National Railways gifted the park to the City of Dauphin which will further allow for further improvements to the area. Plans are underway to use the park during all four seasons for events and as a showpiece for the community.

Events and Festivals:

  • Chamber of Commerce Annual Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony November 24, 2017

Economic and Retail Activities :

  • Plans are in the works to launch temporary markets in CN Park in 2018.

Historic or Heritage Features:

  • Location of the original CN station in Dauphin
  • Adjacent to the current CN Station
  • Historic meeting space and transportation hub for the community