About Dock Street

Dock Street is not only home to many historical buildings and museums, but is a hub for community festivals, music, and a great place to go for a relaxing seaside stroll. Dock Street is the hub for activity in historic downtown Shelburne.  Locals “walk the lanes” all year long and meet one another to chat along the way.  Dock Street is home to the Shelburne Museum Complex and many historic homes painted in bright colours.  It runs along the harbour for a great view of boats, the sailing school, kayaks, and beautiful sunsets.
What do you see in this space? How do people in the community enjoy it?:

  • Great lanes for walking and meeting friends
  • Shelburne Museum Complex
  • Historic homes painted in bright colours
  • Great view of boats
  • Sailing school
  • Kayaks in the water
  • Stunning sunsets
  • Festivals, events, fireworks, reenactments, and musical performances all take place on Dock Street throughout the summer months.

Events and Festivals:

  • Founders Days, July 15-17
  • Songs At Sea Level Music Festival, Aug 12-14
  • Shelburne Kayak Festival, Aug 19-21
  • Whirligig and Weathervane Festival, Sept 17-18
  • Shelburne Celebrates Christmas, Nov 17-20

Economic and Retail Activities:

  • Several shops
  • Art Studios/Galleries
  • Restaurants
  • Weekend Farmer’s Market

Historic and Heritage Features:

  • Barrel Factory (still operating)
  • Dory Shop (with a master Dory builder at work)
  • Cox Warehouse
  • Shelburne Museum Complex
  • Cooper’s Inn (built 1784)
  • Most of the houses along the street are centuries old and the street has been used in several movies/TV shows for its historic properties


  • Renovations to Cox Warehouse
  • Public art installations are going up on pumping stations
  • Painted crosswalks are coming
  • Improved signage/branded loyalist signage

Quick Facts

Additional Comments:

This road runs along one of the largest natural harbours in the world. There are lots of points of visual interest from the historic properties, bright colours, water activities, to the unobstructed view of Islands Park across the water.

Video: http://bit.ly/2djV3RN