About Fourth Street

Fourth Street is a special place because not only does it host the best street festival in Calgary (Lilac Festival), it combines business with restaurants, cafes, night life, shops, and historic community charm.

What do you see in this space? How do people in the community enjoy it? :

  • The best local coffee shops
  • Bustling, busy streets
  • Amazing shopping destination
  • Encourages entrepreneurship
  • A close walk to Lyndsay Park where orange and red trees line the banks of the Elbow River
  • Public art displayed and commissioned by The Fourth Street Public Art Society

Events and Festivals:

  • Lilac Festival – Sunday June 4, 2017 http://lilacfestival.net/ Also see uploaded video
  • 30 Days of Blogs November 17 2016
  • Shop The Neighbourhood November 28 2016
  • Late Night Holiday Shopping December 4 2016
  • Pancake Showdown July 7 2017

Economic and Retail Activities:

  • Fourth Street boasts a healthy array of shops including clothing stores, health stores, a flower shop, wine shop, pharmacies, a grocery store, an Italian market, home furnishing, speciality shops and others
  • Most of the shops are local and the chain stores are small in size
  • Services include, beauty supplies, hair salons, nail salons, massage places, a yoga studio, a tanning salon, a walk-in clinic, a convenience store, a pet store, doctors’ offices, banks and many others
  • Dining includes restaurants, fast food or take away and fantastic brunch spots
  • Night life includes bars, local pubs and pub chains, restaurant lounges as well as a famous karoke bar
  • There are residential units above some of the retail along the street. The residential streets off of fourth street are mixed, single detached, semi, townhouse, and low profile multi-residential

Historic or Heritage Features:

  • Cliff Bungalow – Mission is an historic community. It is one of the oldest communities in Calgary and many buildings/structures on Fourth Street have heritage significance.
  • List of buildings with historic significance:
    Bannerman Block (1911) 2306 4 ST SW
    Young Block (1912) 2120 4 ST SW
    Wright Block (Aberdeen Apartments) (1911) 2204 4 ST SW
    Tivoli Theatre (1937) 2015 4 ST SW
    Mission Bridge (1915)  0 4 ST SW
    Inglis-McNeill (Mission Cycle) Building (1910) 2310 4 ST SW

Memorable or unique characteristic(s):

  • The public art on Fourth Street is quite noticeable. All the public art is commissioned by The Fourth Street Public Art Society
  • Since 1900 to present day the architecture ranges from historic street frontages to less attractive strip malls but when placed along a tree-lined street such as this, it all fits nicely together and creates a pleasant atmosphere for pedestrians, drivers, and bicycle riders


  • During the 2013 flood 4th Street took a huge hit and many businesses were affected for quite some time. With the help of the community these businesses rallied and were able to rebuild and renovate their spaces so now Fourth Street looks better than ever
  • The newest development includes a 5 story office building that runs along an entire block on the east side of Fourth Street. It houses Hopewell offices with commercial retail at grade
  • The façade incorporates red brick elements that complement the historic buildings on the street combined with the modern appeal of windows. Lots of windows. This development added wider sidewalks along the entire block with room for bench seating, bike racks, and trees
  • New development also brought new traffic lights and pedestrian lights to the intersection

Additional Comments:

  • I was told by a community member that the first Dairy Queen that opened in Calgary was located on Fourth Street.
  • The oldest video rental store called Casablanca closed its doors only a few short years ago.
  • There is a butcher shop located in one of the strip malls; and there aren’t many butcher shops in Calgary.
  • The street bisects two communities: Cliff Bungalow and Mission. The shops on the west side are located in Cliff Bungalow and the shops on the east side are located in Mission. These communities have a rich history in Calgary; today they are one of the most sought after neighbourhoods for Calgarians to live in.
  • Lilac Festival started in 1990. It came out of a meeting on the Cliff Bungalow Area Redevelopment Plan.  We noted the community was not recognized as something worthwhile.  The idea of a lilac street fair was identified as something that might raise awareness of the value of the community.  I delivered a meeting notice to the retail merchants inviting them to attend. This was in mid-February.  The first Lilac Festival was the first Sunday in June.  It rained up to the day of.  The sun came out at noon and we had an attendance of around 8 to 10 thousand.  It took off from there.  During the early years, it was jointly organized by the merchants and the community – the next year the BRZ was formed.  They hired someone part time to help with the organization and gradually they took over the organization of the event.  The event now attracts over 100,000 people.

Quick Facts

For more information on the history of the community visit cliffbungalowmission.com