Lachine – from its community minded shoreline – kilometres of bike and walking pathways to its very heart of 100’s of volounteer organization- this is beauty at its finest.

Lachine has cultivated this community service optic for decades that influences and shapes as much as the quality of our outdoor life as it has nurtured at its very heart – this beehive of volunteer activity. It simply a way of life.

If it’s our Mayor, as a young lawyer, over 30 years ago, discovering his client has suffered from domestic violence and provides a temporary safe haven (before most of us had an inkling of this serious problem) while  working expeditiously with women in the community to start a shelter and over the years – dozens of organizations evolving to take care of our most vulnerable, the frail elderly, people with mental illness and so much more – with community meals, low cost housing etc. – to the magnificent public parks along the shoreline –  including the second largest outdoor sculpture garden and arboretum in Canada. This man made peninsula – Rene Levesque Park was built on the earth that was excavated from the metro lines. Now it’s home to thousands of visitors who rollerblade, bicycle, walk, read and picnic.

Established 350 years ago, Lachine, the first suburb in Montreal, is rich in heritage patrimony. It is a diverse and ever growing progressive community that supports all-inclusiveness. Culturally, it is abundantly rich, but here too, Lachine remains loyal to its community values – open and affordable to all. Classical concert quality musicians from our finest  symphony orchestras’ with the price of admission at a voluntary donation of five dollars.

In essence, Lachine is the jewel in Canada’s community crown – forever inspiring us as to what can be achieved when volunteers work shoulder to shoulder tirelessly for the benefit of the greater good.