About The New Glasgow Farmers Market

The New Glasgow Farmers Market started about 8 years ago in a parking lot with roughly 8 vendors. It was a seasonal Market running May through October. Today, the Market with help of the Town of New Glasgow, Municipality of the County of Pictou and the community as a whole, the Market now welcomes more than 2000 shoppers every week and the Market is now year round!
Located along the beautiful riverfront in the Town of New Glasgow, the New Glasgow Farmers Market is home to more than 60 local farmers, food producers, artisans and musicians every week.  Our shoppers are residents of Pictou County, visitors, friends and neighbours.   The Market is committed to all things local. It provides more than just great local food and products, it also aims to connect our community and bring us all together.
The vibe of the Market is unlike any other. Often described by people as their “happy place”. It is a place where everyone is welcomed and for those who are visiting, the New Glasgow Farmers market provides a real shopping experience and exemplifies all that is special about Maritime hospitality.
The New Glasgow Farmers Market is Local, Fresh and Flourishing.
What do you see in this space? How do people in the community enjoy it?:

  • Welcomes more than 2000 shoppers every week
  • Located along the riverfront
  • Welcomes 60 local farmers, food producers, artisans and musicians weekly
  • Committed to all things LOCAL
  • Aims to bring the community together
  • Low-cost marketplace for vendors
  • Non-profit cooperative that relies solely on table fees and fundraising to operate and keep it affordable for these small businesses and young entrepreneurs
  • Farm-to-Table event: One hundred and sixty people came together on a Provost Street, a main street of New Glasgow.  Guests enjoyed a 3 course meal prepared by a local chef with ingredients found at the Market. Local craft beer and wine was served and those in attendance enjoyed performances by local musicians. The event was designed to bring community together in a way that has not been experienced before and highlighted the important connection of rural and urban communities

Events and Festivals:

  • From Market to Main Street, August 27, 2016
  • Roktoberfest, September 17, 2016
  • Christmas Markets, Saturdays November & December
  • Weekly Market, Every Saturday 9am until 1pm, year round

Economic and Retail Activities:

  • Weekly Markets every Saturday 9am until 1pm

Historic or Heritage Features:

  • Located in the historic Town of New Glasgow

Memorable or Unique Characteristic(s):

  • The market is located along a beautiful riverfront, we now have a brand new year round building! We have two buildings open during peak season!


  • A new year round building was built in partnership with the Town of New Glasgow, Municipality of the County of Pictou and ACOA. Since the building opened on November 28, 2015, the New Glasgow Farmers Market has been able to double the amount of local farmers and other vendors and we have seen our attendance increase by double!
  • The new space allows for more eating area, more musicians to come to the Market and more opportunities for special community events thereby contributing the local economy in a meaningful way.

Quick Facts

Additional Comments:
This space is a real testament to what can be achieved when working together. The Market embodies everything a community should be. Welcoming, comforting and fun!