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2016 Rue Remarquable

Rue du Petit Champlain offers the original character of the buildings, the people, the warm atmosphere, the feeling of well-being that invade people entering the street, the feeling of being on vacation and more!

Lonsdale Avenue

Category : 2016 - Street

Lonsdale is not just a street; it is a place to be. Lonsdale Avenue is a street like no other in Canada. With stunning mountain and ocean views, Lonsdale dramatically descends towards the Burrard Inlet, offering residents, workers and visitors

Historic Water Street

Category : 2016 - Street

Water Street has been the heart and soul of commercial and community life in St. Andrews by-the-Sea for over 250 years – the focal point for its 1,800 residents and 80,000 annual visitors.

Historic Main Street has always been the heart of Newmarket. This street’s historic significance, well-preserved built heritage, and vibrant street life make this street the cultural hub of the Town as well as a popular destination for visitors.

Historic Main

Fourth Street

Category : 2016 - Street

Fourth Street is a special place because not only does it host the best street festival in Calgary (Lilac Festival), it combines business with restaurants, cafes, night life, shops, and historic community charm.

Dock Street

Category : 2016 - Street

Dock Street is not only home to many historical buildings and museums, but is a hub for community festivals, music, and a great place to go for a relaxing seaside stroll. Dock Street is the hub for activity in historic

Bridge Street

Category : 2016 - Street

The section of Bridge St. between Main and Lorne Streets is the heart of downtown Sackville. A real old time small town downtown street with a cosmopolitan flair, featuring a wonderful variety of restaurants, public art, an arts gallery, a

2016 Lieu Public Remarquable

Victoria Park

Category : 2016 - Public Space

The park is a haven of tranquillity and a recreational destination for residents and visitors. Whatever the nature of someone’s visit to the lake, whether it is to enjoy a walk along the edge of the water or take in

The Whitecap Pavilion

Category : 2016 - Public Space

The Whitecap Pavilion, 1 Bernier Drive in Kenora is Northwestern Ontario’s all season event centre stage for Canada’s historical wilderness playground. For 25 years Bernier Drive was Kenora’s waterfront parkway featuring events that focused on local and tourism based promotions.

The area provides the public with the opportunity to enjoy recreation and experience spending time in an internationally recognized public space within a UNESCO Biosphere. The Beaver Hills is only the second Biosphere in Alberta, 18 in Canada and within

The Red River Mutual Trail is a manicured skating path and walking trail along the frozen surface of the Red River in Winnipeg. The Trail typically opens in January, once the ice is sufficiently frozen, and closes in March when

The New Glasgow Farmers Market started about 8 years ago in a parking lot with roughly 8 vendors. It was a seasonal Market running May through October. Today, the Market with help of the Town of New Glasgow, Municipality of

The Halifax Boardwalk

Category : 2016 - Public Space

The Halifax boardwalk represents the atmosphere of Halifax’s east coast living, drawing in residents and non-residents of all ages. The Halifax waterfront is a hub of culture and commerce in Nova Scotia. Surrounded by sparkling ocean, a working port, and

St. Patrick’s Island

Category : 2016 - Public Space

The revitalized St. Patrick’s Island has quickly become a giant backyard playground for East Villagers, both long-time residents and newcomers, and a magnet for all Calgarians eager to explore the natural beauty and family-friendly amenities of this inner city island.

Springer Market Square

Category : 2016 - Public Space

Located in the heart of the city, adjacent to City Hall, historic Springer Market Square has been well used and enjoyed by citizens and visitors for well over 200 years. One of the foremost urban open spaces of its kind

Rothesay Common

Category : 2016 - Public Space

The Rothesay Common or “the Common” is a 4.5-acre parcel of land that has been used as a public space since 1935. During the summer months the area is busy with people engaged in a variety of activities. The beauty

Quesnel Playground

Category : 2016 - Public Space

An inclusive, accessible playground that makes Quesnel a child friendly and age-friendly, and fun!

The Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes originated on the Eve of World War II when the pastor of St. Anthony’s, Father Anthony Sylla OMI, summoned his parishioners that evening asking them to haul their field stones so that a

The Multicultural Heritage Centre has been around for more than 40 years and offers something for everyone in the community! In the main building (and old schoolhouse) there’s a living museum reflecting local history, Western Canadian pioneer life and an

McBurney Plaza

Category : 2016 - Public Space

McBurney Plaza is not much bigger than a single family residential lot and is probably not known by many people outside of Langley. Nevertheless, I think it is one of Canada’s Great Public Places. In twenty short years McBurney Plaza

Frost Park

Category : 2016 - Public Space

Frost Park includes iconic gardens, a water fountain, and historic grave stones. In the winter this park comes alive with community spirit. Every year residents of community gather in the park to see the lights turned on. There is even

Farmers and Artisans Market at The Western Fair (WFFAM) – It is primarily known for its Saturday Farmers’ Market. The WFFAM is a popular destination for chefs, cooks and local gastronomes in search of a wide variety of artisanal products

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2016 Quartier Remarquable


Category : 2016 - Neighbourhood

Woodfield is a Victorian neighbourhood located in the heart of London, Ontario. This historic community is bordered by Richmond, Dundas, Adelaide and the CPR tracks to the north. Woodfield’s roughly 1400 households fall mostly within two Heritage Districts (East and

The Hamlet of Rosebud

Category : 2016 - Neighbourhood

The Hamlet of Rosebud could easily be mistaken for a typical prairie hamlet. Resting in a sheltered valley on the Rosebud River near the edge of the Canadian Badlands, Rosebud is a peacefully picturesque community, awash in expressions of creativity

St. Albert’s historic downtown is the very heart of our community. It is the place where much of our community building takes place, where our community spirit comes alive and where our community gathers to celebrate our many special events.

Quartier Petit Champlain

Category : 2016 - Neighbourhood

Quartier Petit Champlain is the most beautiful part of Old Quebec. Located at the foot of the cliff below the Château Frontenac, this area, with its authentic charm, is a “must”. All over the years, people who believed in the

Kitsilano Neighbourhood

Category : 2016 - Neighbourhood

Kitsilano, or “Kits” as most locals refer to it, is southwest across English Bay from Vancouver’s downtown peninsula and, outside of the latter, is one of the most populous and densely built neighbourhoods in the city.
The housing in the

East Village

Category : 2016 - Neighbourhood

East Village is where Calgary began and where the future of city life is unfolding. Delivered by master developer Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC), EV offers a new way of living downtown, with walkable access to the best of city

Downtown Antigonish

Category : 2016 - Neighbourhood

This vibrant community is alive with creative and historic culture, engaged citizens, an entrepreneurial and cooperative spirit and a strong sense of pride! A walk through Downtown Antigonish presents colorful buildings, heritage buildings, boxes and hanging baskets of flowers everywhere,