Nominate Your Great Place

Nominate your Great Canadian Neighbourhood

Nominate your Great Canadian Street

Nominate your Great Canadian Public Space

Be sure to read the INSTRUCTIONS before you start.

What is a Public Space?

What is a Neighbouhood?

What is a Street?


Before nominating your Great Place, please check the contest website to make sure that no one else has already nominated it. We can only accept one nomination per place and category. Last year’s winners are also not eligible.

Tell us about your special place, and why you feel passionate about it in 600 words or less. The nomination can be submitted as an essay or in bullet format. The panel of judges will evaluate  each place solely on the nomination and its accompanying photos; no additional research will be done. Please provide clear and detailed information based on the criteria below to improve your chances of winning.

In each category, nominations will be scored according to the following criteria:

  • Promoting social and economic activities. eg: special events, retail opportunities.
  • Having a memorable or unique character
  • Having design or architectural features that are visually interesting. eg: green design features, site design.
  • Being accessible by different modes of transportation. eg: walking, cycling, public transit, parking.
  • Reflecting local culture, history, and landscape

All submissions will be reviewed before they are featured on the contest page. Your submission will not be accepted if:

  • It includes explicit, vulgar or offensive language
  • It is created as an advertisement or for politically motivated reasons.

Attach digital photos representing the judging criteria, the different seasons and how the space is used or a video of your Great Place. NOTE: You must attach at least six (6) photos or one video for your nomination to be considered complete and for it to be included on the Great Places in Canada website.

Photos must be in high resolution jpg format only.

Videos must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo first. Then you simply cut and paste their “embed” codes to the form.

NOTE: Your photos or videos must belong to you. We cannot accept copyrighted content belonging to others.