The 2013 Great Places in Canada and the People’s Choice Places


  • Courtyard Square Goderich, Ontario

    Courtyard Square


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  • Lacombe’s Historic Main Street

    Lacombe’s Historic Main Street



    Businesses, residents and civic government have all been involved in its success. The heritage Edwardian buildings are seen as a valuable community resource not only to be appreciated but to be used. City programs have supported and enhanced the vitality of this historic setting and valuable resource within the community fabric. A recent infill civic project has supported and added to the unique urban design of the street. As a result the street expresses its value and importance by being the center of community activities year round.

  • McAdam Train Station

    McAdam Train Station

    Public Space

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  • Old South / Wortley Village

    Old South / Wortley Village


    Jury Statement
    Wortley Village is an excellent example of a place where one can walk and bike to work, school and recreation, and also enjoy a diversity of housing options so residents of many ages and circumstance can contribute to their community. Here, local business thrives, friendly conversation abounds, and community efforts bring an enduring vitality to the village.

  • Saint John City Market

    Saint John City Market

    Public Space

    Saint John, New Brunswick

    2013 Great Place in Canada – Public Space

    Planners and members of the public alike recognize the value of the Saint John City Market as a cultural and historic icon on Canada’s East Coast. Its unique architectural character reflects the local landscape and traditions of Saint John as a port city. Like many public spaces of successful urban design, the Saint John City Market provides year-round economic opportunities and social interaction for people of all ages and abilities, fosters local food security, and promotes the use of public and active transportation in its interconnectedness with the rest of the city. This is a Great Public Space that should certainly be an intended destination on your next visit to New Brunswick!