• La rue du Petit-Champlain

    Québec, Quebec


    La rue du Petit-Champlain est la plus belle rue piétonne au Canada grâce à son charme, son authenticité son cachet historique et la place accordée à la culture locale….More

Canada’s Great Public Space for 2014

  • Antigonish Town & County Library (The Peoples’ Place Library)

    Antigonish, Nova Scotia

    Public Space

    The People’s Place Library in Antigonish, Nova Scotia is a wonderful community gathering space, representing a collaboration between several different organizations and local governments to create a central location providing not only library services, but also several other community offices and resources. This branch of the Pictou Antigonish Regional Library (PARL) opened in 2011, replacing a smaller space that was located nearby in the Town Hall…More

Canada’s Great Neighbourhood for 2014

  • Inglewood

    Calgary, Alberta


    Inglewood, originally known as Brewery Flats, was established officially in 1911, named after the nearby homestead established by Colonel James Walker. Today, Inglewood is a vibrant, eclectic and ever-evolving arts and culture-filled district with more than two hundred shops, cafes, restaurants and live music venues, many located in Calgary’s historic buildings…More

People’s Choice Great Public Space 2014

  • McAdam Lake Campground on Waulklehegan Lake

    McAdam, New Brunswick

    Public Space

    The beautiful sunsets, modern facilities, along with great fishing and good neighbours make this place a pleasure to visit.

    The McAdam Lake Campground is a very tranquil place with nature trails, boating, swimming, etc. Situated in the heart of the best Village in Canada, McAdam New Brunswick, not far from National Historic Site McAdam Railway Station.

    The friendly atmosphere of the Village make this my favorite spot in Canada…More

People’s Choice Great Neighbourhood 2014

  • Old East Village

    London, Ontario


    Picture a place where you’re greeted cheerfully as you pass your neighbours’ heritage porches on your way to a recreational walking or cycling group? Where you attend a world-class concert venue one night, take in community theatre the next, and enjoy one of your city’s most beloved block parties the day after? Where you have a hand in making these things happen and making your home a great place to live? The Old East Village in London, Ontario is a truly great neighbourhood with extraordinary attractions, amenities, heritage, and social opportunities and an inclusive community character where all residents can help shape its future…More

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